OnBoarding and Best Practices

We're the dreamers, the builders & the doers


We are a service company and understand that you trust us with your ideas and milestones. So the responsibility of us becomes greater to become your partners and work towards the common goal.

We trust our biggest advantage of being our entrepreneurial minds, we become as excited about your products as you. While working with big manufacturing setups, or a first-time entrepreneur, we ensure that your technology challenge is covered with us with the process of education, onboarding, working together and opening up your project to your wider audience.

The Green Room Check

This is an important step to understand and evaluate the client's historical and prevailing systems, both successful and failed endeavors, and business goals.

Crafting the project plan

Addressing the problems suitably and comprehending what end objectives are and in order to achieve it is our first stride in creating a plan. While looking out for the voids and setting expectations, we make sure that we perfectly align our integral skills in tune with the problem at hand.

Since this is the road to strengthening relationships, we address the course of mutual transparency here.

Our skilled squad

At this stage, we pick the team for you that aligns with skillset and industry experience.

For any client, our standard squad consists of a project manager, technical architect, developers, and supervisor. We give them an overview of the client and assign responsibilities to the members.

These details are shared with clients as well.

Communication is the key

Both external and internal communications play pivotal in educating on the client's objectives, industry, services, and the implication of our work. We have our standard weekly, fortnightly updates, and reviews.

Time for the kickoff call

This is the step we take very seriously, to create lasting impressions. From the basic introduction to discussing milestones, goals, and project delivery.

A longer than usual, we ensure this one gets on the right foot and make everyone excited about the goals we have set out to achieve ahead.

The checkup call

This is a process that happens, every fortnight from our supervisor. A one-on-one tool, it's for pouring your heart out and cross-checking the timelines and delivery on both the ends. A quick/detailed chit chat to doubly ensures synchronization from every stakeholder.