API Development

Rock-solid, reliable backend development ensures your business logic works as it should.


Project42 Labs has specialised in providing API development services with some of the most challenging features like simplicity, symmetry and consistency.

APIs have enabled easier and faster production of applications with a wide range of capabilities in data handling. It's ability to dynamically generate content has helped our clients to enhance the level of personalization and customization for their customers.

API Development

APIs to fit everyone's needs

As vital tools for businesses in all industries, we infer the importance and role of API in updating workflows and making them timelier and more fruitful. Our clients observed a high growth rate and transformation in processes in their companies by integrating customized APIs into their existing systems. For us, API is all about faster innovation for our clients.

Upgrading systems with API

Either it be a new software development project or upgrading a legacy system, we've API solutions which can satisfy our client's demands.

With easier integration of backend data and applications, API offers better connectivity with external party apps and services. Subsequently, APIs give the opportunity to scale, extend customer reach and stimulate technical innovation within the firm.

Broaden the possibilities

API facilitates the integration of applications with third parties thus optimizing their functionality and improving their usability. It also simplifies the execution of new applications, business prototypes and digital derivatives, overall making the integration process easier.

API development framework

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How we do API development

1 . We use postman (tool) to create our apis.

2. Our Process:

a . Design & mock api- communication to check their expected behaviour before even building a backend server

b. Maintain documentation - to generate streamlined and machine readable documents. This optimses inter-team communication and also post-handover maintenance

C. Monitoring- scheduled monitoring of health of your APIs and checking of performance & response times

Technology Stack for API

AWS API Gateway