Django Development

Rock-solid, reliable backend development ensures your business logic works as it should.


Our professionals at Project42 Labs are experts at building high performing Django web apps with aesthetically pleasing design and error-free coding. The excellent documentation ability and scalability makes Django framework our developers' favourite. It's a python-based web framework which is versatile in nature and provides rapid development.

Django Development

Why do we use Django?

The Django framework offers high security and is search engine optimised. Its simplicity and reliability are well-liked by developers. It allows our developers at Project42 Labs to specifically focus on developing new components of an application.

As a batteries-included web framework, Django provides codes for common operations like database management, session management, templating etc. It's also easy to customise, scale and extend the web framework.

One of the best features of Django is that it accelerates the web development process and saves our client's development time and money.

Stability matters

Our client's efforts on a project matter to us. So we pay attention to furnish them with the most high quality and stable output. Django enables us to meet these proposals.

Django framework is well known for its stability and reliability. The existing framework will continue to work even with future releases. Along with stability as a priority, Django is also committed to continuous improvement.

Best suited for MVPs

Using the Django framework for a project can be the best way to turn an idea into business reality. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) models developed using Django are highly scalable for further development.

Django comes fully featured with integral tools to formulate more features for the MVP. Also, the high-security level of Django is ideal for the safety of a new project.

Python powered

Python is a high-level programming language that is easy to read and write. It is open-source and has vast library support. Since Python is quite popular, Django projects can be easily assisted and modified by other developers.


The overall development cost can be reduced since Django is an open-source web framework. So the already built framework will reduce much of the hassle of web development and the developers can focus on the designing process.

Django REST Framework

The Django REST Framework (DRF) is a well-featured toolkit for building web APIs. It's very flexible and its powerful serialization engine is compatible with both ORM and non-ORM data sources. It has pluggable and easy to customise parsers, emitters and authenticators.

The Django REST Framework can be effortlessly altered to fulfil the requirements of a project and can be integrated into third-party libraries.

Technology Stack

Django REST Framework


Django Use Cases

Django is an open-source technology that is well supported with documentation and support infrastructure. It is a swift and reliable infrastructure that aids faster and secure web application development.

From eCommerce sites to financial & health care applications, CRMs for transportation and booking, social media sites, Django can be used to build any platform that is functionality heavy.

Many platforms like The Washington Post, Reddit, Instagram, and many more use Django as their core technology infrastructure platform.