Machine Learning as Service

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Easing out the current processes. P42L MLaaS is a fast-track approach to introduce Machine Learning into your business. Our built-to-scale models are developed by domain experts who understand your organizational use-case and build solutions that fit your business' need of the hour.

We are already implementing solutions that include the utilization of historical data to make predictions about the future. Some familiar use-cases of Machine Learning include the implementation of algorithms for Text classification, gestures, object detection, image recognition, behavior prediction, sentiment analysis, and time-series analysis

What can we do ?

Texting Analysis
Document Tagging Sentiment Analysis Text Summarization
Feed Personalization Cart Completion Item Search
Click-through Prediction Cross-device Identification Audience Ranking
Anomaly Detection Fraud Detection Intrusion Detect
Fraud Detection Intrusion Detection Graph Methods
Customer Analytics
Churn Prediction Lead Scoring Segmentation
Image Analysis
Image Tagging Image Search Deep Features


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Relevant Case Studies

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Sentiment Analysis for a Political Think Tank

By : Enterprise
May 29 2020
This time, we were approached by an autonomous political think tank of the country to create models for sentiment analysis.
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Data collection & cleaning

By : Data Sciences
Friday, Dec 11, 2020
The aim behind this project was to gather thousands of data, clean and present in an actionable format to a young startup.
Card image

Simplifying order management systems

By : Enterprise
Thursday, July 16, 2020
Centralizing the order management system of a legacy company by consolidating pan India orders from chain of multiple vendors

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