Optical Character Recogonition

Creating absolute value from your records

After successfully delivering many Projects based on Optical Character Reader (OCR), we have developed fine expertise in document digitization. This interaction with your own data gives a new analytical dimension while creating more meaning to the existing data.

We are capable of interacting with all kinds of documents and creating an exhaustive analysis for you. This turns out to be an important step for any business that wants to deep dive into its data for making any future led decision.

Our solution is affordable, scalable, feeds multiple inputs and outputs, and can create a holistic analysis. It supports all kinds of software like PDFs, Images of documents, Word, Excel, Google Documents, etc. Also, the recognition accuracy is very critical to its success and we are able to commit to the closest possible results.

How does it work ?

OCR at

At enterprise level it is a wholesome suite of tools which monitors, streamlines and automates functions on its own. It works at both the hub and spoke level while maintaining flow of information about workflow and tasks.
Easy implementation of users with all browsers, large group deployment, highly secure environment for databases also allowing exceptional scenarios via our 24*7 backend team.
Gives control over user access, schedules of tasks, work queues & other aspects of implementation.
Can be used for Supply chain, accounting, HR, etc. providing for low-investment alternative to traditional solutions like outsourcing, offshoring and system transformation.

Industries that can benefit from OCR

Some relevant examples, from healthcare, fintech, manufacturing, insurance, logistics, publishing, would be:
Digitization of medical health records
Digitization of POs & Invoices/Bookkeeping
Invoices/Orders/Logistics Tracking
Insurance/ FinTech
Digitization of physical KYC documents
Digitization (handwriting recognition) of Manuscripts

Industries that can benefit from OCR

Some relevant examples, from healthcare, fintech, manufacturing, insurance, logistics, publishing, would be:


What kind of documents can be digitalized using the OCR?
Any kind of documents including invoices, inventory, customer care data, PDFs, images of documents sent via email/WhatsApp, e-books, research papers, HR & admin, forms, insurance, account files and more.
How can we utilize this data?
The data can be used to aid in marketing solutions while mapping competitive intelligence, market landscape, brand perception, sales, etc. It can be utilized further to understand the expenses of your company along with analyzing revenue generation from multiple vendors, expense calculations from varied touchpoints and trend analysis on everyday business to gain deeper insights. For HR/Administration/logistics purposes, we can digitize your document for easy record keeping.
What will be the final conversion format?
Scanned documents can be converted into plain text, MS Word, Google Documents, Excel, HTML, or directly into your internal systems vis APIs, JSON files, XML files and databases.
Why should I opt for OCR?
OCR should be employed to counter various bottlenecks while doing manual data entry. Our solution rules out any scope of errors/typos/miscalculations and saves lots of manual labor hence freeing up your labor resources.
Will I be able to edit these files?
Yes. We can do just information extraction for you as well.
If your question is still not answered. Just shoot an email at - hello@project42labs.com. We promise it will not be a sales call.

We also offer 10 days free trial to help you understand how our tools can assist you.

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